A city of contrasts


—originally published on citinerary.net

For an objective observer, Bucharest can be a complex city that, with the good and the bad, is one of the most thought-provoking and authentic cities in Europe.

For many people that have lived their whole life in Bucharest, the city is in no way special. Many look up to the Western cities, hoping it will one way look and feel the same way. However, tourists and expats instantly become fascinated by some sort of uniqueness the city has, the contrasts and the vibe they create.

You’ll find hip bars right next to 60 year-old, unrenovated department stores. Gothic, socialist and glass buildings, all on the same street. Lamborghinis and Trabants, parked in front of each other. Art galleries hidden between turkish fast food shops.

Whilst visiting, you probably won’t be impressed with design, scenery, infrastructure or even food. But wandering around will fill you with inspiration and astonishment. Bucharest doesn’t live two, but several parallel lives, all equally authentic.

A thirst to explore is all you need to discover the city’s diversity and unique character; it’s highly possible that during your Bucharest visit you will experience some of the most unpredictably memorable moments. That’s what makes it so fascinating: just when you think you’ve figured it out, it surprises you some more.

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