In an era when pieces of technology are replacing our offline experiences, one of the most thrilling examples is our smartphone alert sound.

After thousands of exchanged messages on a certain app, its sound alert becomes irreversibly connected to that one person who’s most of the times at the other end. Or the person we wish it was. And I think our minds become temporarily rewired.

What used to be a more controllable experience — thinking about someone when hearing a certain song on the radio or going through a certain park — is now embed all around us. In the identical iPhone sounds of the person we’re sitting with at dinner, or the one next to us in the subway.

It’s both good and bad — while we might find comfort and familiarity in these sounds, they can also trigger an impulse when we want it least.

I’m not sure what rewiring back means — stop communicating online? Changing the alerts every now and then?

Until I figure it out, my phone’s on silent mode.

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