I’ve been a blog nerd since the beginning of the Internet in my life. Around 10 years, that is. At one point, it even was my thing. I read stuff on blogs. From recipes, to design, to philosophy. I’ve had developed a habit of starting a lot of my conversations with Oh, coolest thing I’ve read on a blog, listen to this… Fortunately, that madness was soon replaced by more valuable things, but I kept on thinking Damn, I should have started a blog *insert random time measurement unit* ago. Now the hype is all gone. It’s true, starting a blog is no longer the next big thing. The ultimate goal of a blog is no longer to become popular (or at least I’ve grown to think so :-) ). However, it’s still this great tool, mainly for structuring one’s ideas.

So after 10 years, I’ve decided to start one. Lately, I’ve been needing a place to develop my thoughts — doing it publicly brings a sense of discipline and responsibility to the whole process. It will be a personal blog, so I will probably focus on the things that I’m drawn to at the moment. There’s a risk that, at some point, I’ll go all Sex and the city with this. Bear with me. It will go away soon enough. :)

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