Homo Deus

Technology is making it increasingly harder to lie to ourselves.

If you’d asked me, for example, what I thought about Imagine Dragons, I’d probably have said they’re an okay band — unenthusiastically, even. However, my Spotify statistics show otherwise — not only my all time top played song is theirs, but number 2 and number 3 are — surprise? — also theirs. Does this mean they’re my favorite band, without me even realizing it?

Sure, I find it very useful for my banking app to tell me how much I’m spending on Uber rides. Or for my watch to warn me when I’m not walking enough (who am I kidding, I deactivated that long time ago).

But soon, I’m not going to be able to lie to myself anymore regarding how many glasses of wine I’ve had in a week — cause my fridge’s gonna know for sure. My mattress is gonna know how much sex I’ve had. And the home assistant is going to show me an emotional chart based on how many times I told it to turn off the lights in a sad voice, and how many in a happy one.

We’re very good at creating alternate realities. I’m not sure we’re ready to face so much about ourselves.

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