Lessons from a pomegranate


I used to think that peeling a pomegranate was the greatest challenge the human race had to face¬†(okay, not really, but you get the point).¬†But my logic said it must be worth it: it’s the yummiest fruit ever, therefore it deserves to be hardly worked for. All good. I was happily making efforts for every pomegranate I later enjoyed.

Until. Until someone revealed to me the best of secrets: You know, there’s a much easier way to do it. Just put it under water and it’s done in no time. Whoa. So there’s a shortcut to the biggest challenge of patience?

The pomegranate revealed to me the pattern in many, many things. Just because your objective or your end game is great it doesn’t necessarily mean you also have to work hard to get it. There’s a shortcut to everything. One to getting your dream job, one to getting that awesome guy or one to becoming a rockstar.

And yes, maybe we appreciate things more after fighting for them, maybe the race has lots of things to teach us. But shortcuts? Oh boy, they sure feel awesome!

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