Let’s be wanderers


Lately, one of the things I’m struggling the most with is settling. But not settling in that less than you deserve sense, but translated in an incredible hunger of discovering what’s out there. And in terms of settling, I believe the country you live in and the relationship you’re involved in are a lot alike.

I’ve tasted the awesomeness of both living in another country and that of some great relationships. This might be one of the things that go away with age, but all along, my only thought was I want more.

Any beginning’s excitement transforms my mind into a sponge: so much more open towards novelty than usual. I absorb knowledge and energy, selfishly using the new situation as a support for growth and development. But soon after that honeymoon period, I’ve discovered that the learning curve enters a steady pace of growth. As much as I love the city I live in right now, I can’t help but wonder: what would my life look like in a completely different context? The same with relationships.

The way I see it, the only way to keep challenging my beliefs to the max, to transform and to rapidly evolve is to move on to a new, exciting situation. A new country, a new person. I’m tired of hearing this kind of thinking is selfish or coward. For me, it is the ultimate proof of courage. Constantly moving on to new experiences, letting my mind wander in the most unusual corners — that’s my way of paying my respects to the amazing fact that I’m alive.

So, while I’ll give my whole energy to something that allows me to progress, I’ll also leave without regrets when that doesn’t happen anymore. The world is much too complex to settle with something less than absolutely mind-blowing.

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