The love algorithm

We may have an idea about who the next person we’re going to be with is, but we never know for sure. We like someone, we think maybe they like us back. We make scenarios in our heads, we wait for signals.

However, the needed data is already out there. All of it. Facebook knows — or, at least, it could know.

The best match between your likes and their likes. How often you’re checking out their profile, how often they’re checking out yours. To what degree the interactions with their latest significant other have decreased lately, to what degree the ones with yours did. The level of interest you have in each other based on previous chats.

In fact, they have the means to identify these matches better and quicker than any of us ever could.

Being fully aware of this, I sometimes secretly hope there’s an algorithm for helping good matches get together easier.

*Show less of her ex’s posts*

*Don’t show her that he liked that chick’s picture*

*Show her name as high as possible in the chat bar*


Traditional romance was forever shifted by the Internet. By unlimited choice. By information. I believe Facebook and other social networks are not so much neutral pipes as they are the very writers of the stories.

I’m willing to accept them playing God a little. It’s all in the name of love, after all.

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