It’s so often that we don’t realize the true power and meaning of the words we’re using.

Take perfect, for example. I see and hear so many perfect day, perfect moment and so on. So. Freaking. Often. Do people even know what it means? It means it cannot get any better. It just can’t. So they are seriously telling us that a giant cupcake falling out of the sky, spreading rainbows and $100 bills won’t make that perfect moment look bad. Okay, I’ll trust them on that.

On the other hand — we have I absolutely hate INNA, I’d rather commit suicide than going to the Old City Center on a Saturday, I hope you die, stupid mf who changed the speed on the highway. Oh, really? Are we so blinded by our first world problems that we forget to put things into perspective, and get mad and hateful for the most unimportant reasons?

Unfortunately, I’m doing it too sometimes — at least with positive things. The Internet has turned me into an awesome addict. Of course that puppy video didn’t leave me in awe, but I’m gonna use a big word anyway. Of course I’m going to forget about that band’s YouTube performance in the next 5 minutes, but I’m going to enthusiastically comment that it’s awesome, anyway.

I believe that we should use the whole range of words — but more carefully. While mediocre things and moments become either perfect either absolute shit, we might end up one day with our vocabulary-based value system completely upside down.

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