Sharing happiness


A friend in need is a friend indeed.

This. Is. Such. Bullshit. I don’t know about others, but I’ve only had the opposite kind of experiences. Let me explain.

Helping someone is so… easy. Because in helping, there are many things that appeal to our most egoistic, hidden self — we feel better about ourselves, sometimes even superior. I believe that completely free and disinterested favors are so, so rare. From building up expectations of being returned the effort to that feeling of I’m a better person now — helping others is done if it ultimately helps us, tangibly or intangibly.

Yes, helping could be a big deal. But it shouldn’t be the ultimate measure of a friendship. Being happy for the other person, on the other hand… well, that’s the true challenge.

I know so many people who will joyfully hear themselves talk big while giving advice when you’re in trouble, but whenever you have something positive to talk about, they change the subject to one of their problems in no time. And I get it — I’ve been there; being genuinely happy for someone else while you’re dealing with things of your own is hard. But that’s what it makes it all so special. That’s why my dearest friends are those who know more about my joys than about my troubles.

I believe you can never truly comprehend someone’s pain — that’s why, most of the times, those empathy signs are fake; on the other hand though, there’s so much sincerity in the ability of being happy for your friend.

So, while I’m sometimes awkward and redundant in giving advice for bad situations, I’ll always be the one who’s cheering the loudest for my friends’ accomplishments. :-) I’m grateful that they are doing the same for me.


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