65 bottles of wine.

17.000 WhatsApp messages.

7 new favorite bands.

5 new favorite brands.

380 Instagram pictures.

1 pair of torn Converse.

38 plane, museum, concert and movie tickets.

2 times of falling in love (or at least believing so).

2358482 new things learned.

5 friends won.

2 friends (probably) lost.

29% more cynical.

40% more hedonistic.

0 times of saying yes when actually meaning no.

6 full notebooks.

1 regret.

My information filtering process is pretty efficient. In fact, it might so efficient, that I often forget whatever’s not marked super high priority. And usually, in hindsight, those are the prettiest moments — the forgotten ones. That’s why, in a more or less conscious manner, I’ve developed systems of remembering the old stuff. Collecting corks, tickets and restaurant bills. Making lists. Writing stuff down. Taking pictures of every little thing. Labelling moments of my life with songs.

The list above is probably the kind one makes when the year ends. There’s still more than one month left of this one, but I decided that none of what happens during this time will go into my statistics. I’m committing to an experiment of remembering things properly. And of course, I needed to write all of it down — how else would I remember that I made it :-)

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