The day I set my birth year to ‘private’


Most people never define what they are as a personality until their 30s. So for people to be defining who they are at the age of 14 is almost a huge evolutionary leap.

Yep, Millennials developed at a fast-forward pace. I believe it’s the first time in history when a ‘kid’ can have 80% of someone’s knowledge with 20% the experience.

In many aspects, I’m your typical Millennial: technology addicted, a bit egoistic and lazy, religiously unaffiliated but inherently kind and idealistic, thirsty for new experiences. However, there’s a fundamental aspect where I don’t fit the description. While the majority of my generation’s peers don’t feel a specific need to learn from older people, I have a huge desire to relate to and learn from other generations.

Sometimes that works out great, but other times my age is a barrier. I’m telling my birth year to someone and the immediate reaction (spoken or not) is Oh, you’re just a child. Most of the times, it doesn’t even have a negative connotation. But I know that from that moment on, they are going to filter things though those lenses.

As much as I like talking to them about music, movies, technology etc, I’d also like to know their age-specific thoughts and concerns. While my input on the range of what they call life experience is probably limited to 20-something specific issues, I strongly believe one can cheat the been there, done that rule in a conversation. But in order to train this, I really needed people I met to abandon the just a child barrier. So I took a small step towards that and I stopped advertising my age. Maybe it’s all in my head, but things changed for the better.

This time last year, I was having a first world mini-depression: I was feeling the age I was turning was a critical point, that came with too many responsibilities. I was feeling I was getting old. This year, on the contrary — I’m feeling somewhat sad that I’m only turning an age that starts with 2.

Fortunately, most of the times I’m all unicorns and rainbows about my age and proud that I’m not ‘wasting’ my youth. I want it all: I want to live in accordance with all the silly BuzzFeed 25 things to do before turning blabla articles, but I also want friendships and conversations typical for my 2030 self.


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